KB 2024 Highlights

Beginning of 2024 was a year filled with shows done for KB mainly with Sabaton and Smokie. As some of the shows were on the same dates in different cities some were only preproduction. We also did work at Slagthuset which is run by the same people as KB.

Photo by: Grant M Purdy

Dr Hook – Västerås
Sabaton – Visby
Sabaton – Uddevalla
10cc – Jönköping
Sabaton – Allingsås
Sabaton – Trelleborg
Bob Hund – Kristianstad
Sabaton – Kungsbacka
Smokie – Sundsvall
Smokie – Gävle
Jonathan Johansson – Malmö
Hammerfall – Kalmar
Smokie – Jönköping
Smokie – Helsingborg
Smokie – Malmö
Smokie – Trollhättan
Smokie – Göteborg
Patti Smith – Malmö x2
Hov1 – Malmö
Kal P Dal – Malmö as venue rep
Rumors – Malmö
Anders Jansson – Malmö as venue rep
Mårten Andersson – Malmö as venue rep
Christmas Night – Malmö as venue rep
Martin Stenmark – Malmö as venue rep

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